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Get Involved!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Population Connection is not currently organizing any in-person volunteer opportunities. However, there are other ways you can get more involved with our work in the meantime!

Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor are most likely to be accepted when they are written in response to a recently published article or editorial and either point out an alternate perspective or highlight/strengthen the original piece.



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Contact Members of Congress

Make your voice heard! When you join with other constituents in contacting your members of Congress, you become part of a powerful movement advocating for increased funding for international family planning. Signing petitions and making phone calls directly to your elected officials are two ways you can join our nationwide grassroots network of activists.

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Host a Virtual Film Screening

A film screening is a great way to introduce friends and family to population issues! Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are not currently encouraging in-person screenings in your community. However, there are suitable films available to screen on a shared platform, allowing you to host a virtual screening. If you’re interested in hosting a screening, please contact us for film suggestions, discussion guides, and overall guidance for hosting a successful event.

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Use Social Media to Reach Your Friends, Family, and Community

Social media allows you to publicly pressure, persuade, and thank your target, while informing your followers at the same time.


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Virtual Events

Since 2020, we’ve organized webinars, presentations, film screenings, and training courses as an easy and accessible way for you to learn more about population issues, connect with Population Connection staff, and meet others interested in working together for a more sustainable future for our planet.

Please contact us at if you have any additional thoughts or feedback for future events—we love hearing from you!

Upcoming Events

"Clash of Tempos: Making Sense of Ecological Balance Today for Tomorrow"

Presentation with Professor Elizabeth Esekong Andrew-Essien, Department of Environmental Resource Management, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria

Rescheduled for Tuesday, October 5th
Time: 1pm ET/10am PT

Additional details and registration

"Indigenous Peoples and Climate Justice"

Presentation with Professor Kyle Whyte, Willis Pack Professor of Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan

Date: Tuesday, October 12th
Time: 1pm ET/10am PT

Additional details and registration

Page Turners Book Club Meeting


Book Selection: The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back the Planet by Michael E. Mann

Date: Thursday, November 18th
Time: 4pm ET/1pm PT

Additional details and registration

Meet Our Members

Arthur "Chuck" Knutson

California native Arthur Charles “Chuck” Knutson Jr. has a lifetime of experience that has shaped him into the population stabilization advocate he is today. During his high school years, he was an avid hiker and fisherman. Over time, he noticed there were fewer, high-quality outdoor spaces to explore as cities expanded and the population boomed. “The world population has more than tripled since I was born, and the California population has nearly quadrupled!” he exclaimed.

Supporting our mission when we were still known as ZPG, Chuck notes how Paul Ehrlich further contributed to his understanding of population growth and the environment. Concerned about our planet’s health, Chuck earned a B.A. in Environmental Biology from UC Santa Barbara and then an M.S. in Fisheries Biology from Humboldt State University. After college, he volunteered for the Peace Corps, serving as a high school teacher trainer in Bihar, India from 1969 to 1971. His time there was eye-opening, as he saw first-hand how rapid population growth can impact people’s livelihoods and quality of life. After returning to the states, Chuck went on to work at the California State Department of Fish and Game as a Marine and Freshwater Fisheries Biologist for 34 years.

To help others make the “population connection,” Chuck likes to start off by talking about mainstream environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, and overconsumption. By using this approach, he finds it easier to lead others to make the connection on their own. Through his activism, Chuck hopes to achieve worldwide population stabilization “as soon as possible.”

photo of Chuck Knutson tabling for Population Connection

Membership Relations Team

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Director of Digital Marketing

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Membership Relations Coordinator