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Get Involved!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Population Connection is not currently organizing any in-person volunteer opportunities. However, there are other ways you can get more involved with our work in the meantime!

Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor are most likely to be accepted when they are written in response to a recently published article or editorial and either point out an alternate perspective or highlight/strengthen the original piece.


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Contact Members of Congress

Make your voice heard! When you join with other constituents in contacting your members of Congress, you become part of a powerful movement advocating for increased funding for international family planning. Signing petitions and making phone calls directly to your elected officials are two ways you can join our nationwide grassroots network of activists.

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Use Social Media to Reach Your Friends, Family, and Community

Social media allows you to publicly pressure, persuade, and thank your target while informing your followers at the same time.


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Virtual Events

Since 2020, we’ve organized webinars, presentations, film screenings, and training courses as an easy and accessible way for you to learn more about population issues, connect with Population Connection staff and meet others interested in working together for a more sustainable future for our planet.

Please contact us at if you have any additional thoughts or feedback for future events—we love hearing from you!

World Contraception Day

Meeting Feminine Health Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa

We’re marking World Contraception Day with Asonele Kotu, Founder of FemConnect, a digital platform making access to a variety of reproductive health services more convenient for women in South Africa. During her presentation she will discuss the importance of creating easier access to family planning through the use of digital platforms to overcome challenges faced by developing countries. In this conversation we’ll take a look at traditional ways of accessing family planning, challenges thereof and technology as a solution to addressing these challenges to ensure quality, equality and rights-based patient centric services for all those in need of contraceptives.

Date: Thursday, September 29th
Time: 2pm ET/11am PT

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Page Turners Book Club

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson

Set in the near future, The Ministry of the Future follows the lives of fictional eyewitnesses from around the world detailing how climate change has caused economic and environmental chaos. Unlike other sci-fi novels that detail an apocalyptic future, legendary author Kim Robinson takes a realistic look at the future that is almost upon us if we don’t take drastic measures to mitigate the climate crisis.

Date: Wednesday, November 9th
Time: 4pm ET/1pm PT

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In Case You Missed It...

Women for Conservation

Connecting the Dots Between Women’s Empowerment and Critical Biodiversity Protection 

Around the world, women are key knowledge holders on the sustainable use of their local, natural resources, and uplifting their voices is known to have positive ripple effects throughout their communities.

Founded with this premise in mind, Women for Conservation is dedicated to advancing its mission of empowering women through environmental education and reproductive health initiatives. During this event we’ll hear from Sara Inés Lara, Founder and Executive Director of Women for Conservation, who will share how the organization’s programs work to protect and preserve endangered wildlife and their habitats.

Presentation Slides and Q&A Discussion Available Here!

World Population Day

Pronatalism and Rapid Population Growth: Challenging the Social Pressures to Have Children

In this presentation, Executive Director of Population Balance Nandita Bajaj will discuss her work on one of the main drivers of unsustainable population growth: pronatalism. Pronatalism encourages people to have large families for the sake of governmental interests such as the economy and national security.

This preference for population growth is most often perpetrated by politicians, economists, and religious leaders. In addition to undermining reproductive, social, and ecological justice, pronatalist beliefs, combined with a human-supremacist worldview, fuel denialism about the real effect of population pressures.

Recording Available Here!

Meet Our Members

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Susan N.

Member Since 2020

Population Connection member Susan N. is a lot of things: retired teacher and lawyer, gardener, and art history fanatic. She is also childfree by choice, a title she’s particularly proud to have, one that led her to become a member of Population Connection.

Susan made the “population connection” as a young teen, crediting The Population Bomb for highlighting the interconnections between rapid population growth and resource availability. After graduating high school, Susan became a lawyer and then a teacher. Transitioning between professions, Susan taught Civil Procedure at Santa Clara University before spending eight years in the Czech Republic teaching English. She reflects on her experience abroad: “During most of my life, we thought the Iron Curtain would never be lifted and that the Soviet Union would exist forever. All that changed in the late 80s and early 90, so I thought that was a really historic moment. In retrospect, it was, because, for one thing, Czechs invited people in, such as myself, to teach English, and I was given a work visa. It was a historic window of opportunity.”

It wasn’t until years later that Susan stumbled across Population Connection and learned that Paul Ehrlich was a cofounder. Intrigued, she thought, “Well isn’t that interesting, there is a group working on the issue of [rapid population growth] which coincides with my interests. So I signed up!”

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Meet Our Team

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Membership Relations Staff

Natalie Widel

Director of Digital Marketing

Stephanie Wolfe

Membership Relations Coordinator