Join us for webinars, presentations, film screenings, and training courses held throughout the year! Virtual events are an easy and accessible way for you to learn more about population issues, connect with Population Connection staff, and meet others interested in working together for a more sustainable future for our planet.

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Upcoming Events

World Contraception Day

Meeting Feminine Health Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa

We’re marking World Contraception Day with Asonele Kotu, Founder of FemConnect, a digital platform making access to a variety of reproductive health services more convenient for women in South Africa. During her presentation she will discuss the importance of creating easier access to family planning through the use of digital platforms to overcome challenges faced by developing countries. In this conversation we’ll take a look at traditional ways of accessing family planning, challenges thereof and technology as a solution to addressing these challenges to ensure quality, equality and rights-based patient centric services for all those in need of contraceptives.

Date: Thursday, September 29th
Time: 2pm ET/11am PT

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Page Turners Book Club

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson

Set in the near future, The Ministry of the Future follows the lives of fictional eyewitnesses from around the world detailing how climate change has caused economic and environmental chaos. Unlike other sci-fi novels that detail an apocalyptic future, legendary author Kim Robinson takes a realistic look at the future that is almost upon us if we don’t take drastic measures to mitigate the climate crisis.

Date: Wednesday, November 9th
Time: 4pm ET/1pm PT

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In Case You Missed Us...

Women for Conservation

Connecting the Dots Between Women’s Empowerment and Critical Biodiversity Protection 

Around the world, women are key knowledge holders on the sustainable use of their local, natural resources, and uplifting their voices is known to have positive ripple effects throughout their communities.

During this event we’ll hear from Sara Inés Lara, Founder and Executive Director of Women for Conservation, who will share how the organization’s environmental education programs work to protect and preserve endangered wildlife and their habitats.

Presentation Slides and Q&A Discussion Available Here!

World Population Day

Pronatalism and Rapid Population Growth: Challenging the Social Pressures to Have Children

In this presentation, Executive Director of Population Balance Nandita Bajaj will discuss her work on one of the main drivers of unsustainable population growth: pronatalism. Pronatalism encourages people to have large families for the sake of governmental interests such as the economy and national security.

In addition to undermining reproductive, social, and ecological justice, pronatalist beliefs, combined with a human-supremacist worldview, fuel denialism about the real effect of population pressures.

Recording and Presentation Slides Available Here!

Event Archive

2022 Events

All Events

We’ve had a full year of virtual events, hosting experts in the fields of conservation, population issues, sustainable development, and women’s empowerment.

All 2022 Virtual Events

Demography Series

This spring we hosted our virtual demography series! Hannah Evans, our Senior Analyst, hosted educational sessions once a month from March to June that explored the various ways in which human population trends and dynamics affect global sustainable development and environmental change.

Demography Series

Page Turners Book Club

Just last year we started our “Page Turners” Book Club, eager to have a new platform to connect with our supporters on publications related to our work. Since then, we’ve hosted several meetings to discuss books chosen by book club participants. Topics discussed during meetings include population issues, demographic trends, sustainable development, and climate change.


Page Turners Book Club

Earth Day Celebration

We had another memorable year celebrating Earth Day with our passionate supporters! Festivities included an on-demand screening and panel discussion of the film, The Singing Planet. In addition, we heard from our partners at Lemur Love and held the third session of our new Demography Series.


Earth Day 2022

2021 Events

Fall Events

During the Fall, we connected with professors from the University of Calabar and the University of Michigan to discuss their research in the fields of ecological stability, sustainable development, and climate justice. In addition, we hosted our Senior Leadership Team to share our biggest accomplishments of 2021.

2021 Fall Events

Summer Series

We had a jam-packed summer hosting monthly speaking engagements and an encore screening of the hard-hitting documentary 8 Billion Angels. Organizations featured in our Summer Series include Project Drawdown, World Wildlife Fund, Earth Overshoot, Reproductive Health Uganda, and Transition Earth.

2021 Summer Series

Book Club Meetings

In 2021 we started our “Page Turners” Book Club, excited to have a new way to connect with our members and supporters on the latest publications that discuss population dynamics, sustainable development, and environmental issues. Every two months, we hosted one-hour discussions on books chosen by our audience. Publications include The New Climate War by Michael E. Mann and The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert.

Page Turners Book Club

Earth Day Passport Series

We celebrated this year’s Earth Day all month long, hosting speakers from organizations around the world to discuss family planning services and reproductive rights in their communities. We wrapped up presentations with an on-demand screening of the new documentary, 2040, followed by a discussion of the film on Earth Day!

2021 Earth Day

2020 Events

2020 Fall Speaker Series

We wrapped up 2020 virtual events on a high note with our Fall Speaker Series! We were fortunate enough to showcase some of our incredible international partnerships as well as highlight how our Population Education and Action Fund programs have transitioned during this unprecedented year. We hope you enjoy these interesting and informative conversations!

2020 Fall Speaker Series

2020 Population + Climate Change Course

An introduction to population studies, this month-long course is particularly useful for anyone interested in volunteering with Population Connection in the future. Presented by our Communications Manager Hannah Evans, the weekly sessions take a deeper look at how population dynamics relate to global issues such as poverty, sustainable development, access to health care, climate change, and the health of our planet.

Population and Climate Change Course

2020 Summer Speaker Series

Our incredible international partners were showcased during our 2020 Summer Speaker Series. We hosted experts from WINGS Guatemala and Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) to learn how their work has shifted during the COVID-19 crisis. We also co-hosted a presentation with our sister organization, Population Connection Action Fund for an update on the state of reproductive rights advocacy during 2020’s election season.

2020 Summer Series

2020 Earth Day Challenge

Leading up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we held a virtual Earth Day challenge consisting of daily actions individuals could partake in to reduce their environmental impact. Two of the challenges included tuning in to presentations hosted by our President John Segar and Communications Manager Hannah Evans.

2020 Earth Day