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Ways To Support Population Connection

Your donation, of any amount, can propel our mission forward to stabilize global population. When you support Population Connection, you’re contributing to a more stable and sustainable future for people and our planet. No matter how you choose to support our mission, we are deeply grateful! Any questions? Just email or call our Membership Line at 877-319-9880.

Population Connection’s charitable tax ID number is 94-1703155.

You may also send gifts by mail to our D.C. office:

Population Connection
2120 L Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20037

 Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns!

Start Your Legacy with the ZPG Society

You can ensure that your estate cares for your loved ones while continuing your legacy of support for population stabilization.

To help begin your planned gift, Population Connection invites you to use FreeWill, a free, online tool that guides you through the process of creating your estate plan in just 20 minutes. It is free, no matter what, and can be used with an attorney to finalize your wishes.

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IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution

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Making a qualified charitable distribution can be an excellent way to make a tax-advantageous gift to Population Connection. If you’re at least 70 ½ years old, you may make a tax-free charitable gift directly from your traditional IRA.


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Donor Advised Funds

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A donor-advised fund (DAF) provides you with a centralized charitable giving vehicle. DAFs allow individuals, families, and corporations to make irrevocable charitable gifts to nonprofits like Population Connection.

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Charitable Gift Annuities

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A charitable gift annuity can be an attractive gift vehicle if you would like to receive payments for life that will never change, while also providing a generous charitable donation to Population Connection.

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President's Circle

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The President’s Circle is the leadership society of Population Connection. Members contribute annual gifts of $1,000 or more, providing the financial foundation for Population Connection’s advocacy and educational efforts.

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Leadership Circle

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Members of the Leadership Circle make a monthly gift to provide Population Connection with a steady stream of reliable resources to support to our mission of working toward a stable global population.

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Gifts of Stock

Transferring stock can be a very effective way to give from a tax planning perspective. You may benefit from a charitable deduction equal to the value of the securities. Additionally, capital gains tax is not due on gain in the donated securities.

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Other Ways to Give

A simple and effective way to support Population Connection is by giving through your workplace! By making a gift through your workplace’s matching gift program, you can make a difference to protect our precious planet.

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Give the gift of an annual membership to Population Connection to a friend or loved one! The recipient of your gift will receive a 1-year subscription to our quarterly magazine, Population Connection, as well as invitations to local events (if available) and opportunities to volunteer in their community.

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Subscribe to our quarterly magazine to stay up to date on the latest demographic and population trends!

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Facebook fundraisers make it easy to ask friends and family to support our work. Host one to celebrate your birthday, a milestone, or holiday!

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To help begin a planned gift, Population Connection invites you to use FreeWill, a free, online tool that guides you through the process of creating your estate plan in just 20 minutes. It is free, no matter what, and can be used with an attorney to finalize your wishes.

Start your legacy using FreeWill today.

If you have already included a gift to Population Connection in your will, please fill out this form to let us know about your intentions.



Population Connection is currently accepting cryptocurrency donations through our partner, The Giving Block! We’re excited to offer you a new way to support our mission and help us expand our reach. By donating assets such as cryptocurrency, you can reduce your tax burden while safeguarding the health and well-being of people and our planet.

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Become a Member

When you join Population Connection, you’ll become a member of the nation’s largest and oldest grassroots population organization. Your support will help to protect global reproductive rights, advocate for increased funding for international family planning, and mobilize Americans to take actions that ensure a more sustainable future for the entire planet. With your one-year membership, you’ll unlock benefits such as a quarterly subscription to our magazine, Population Connection, personalized activist training based on what you can do in your own community, and the opportunity to add your voice to thousands of Americans deeply concerned about the health of our planet and people.

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Vehicle Donations

If a low trade-in offer has frozen your plans on getting rid of your extra vehicle, take the high road and donate it to Population Connection!

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ebay Charitable Giving

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Sell and shop on ebay and support Population Connection at the same time!

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The Membership Team is here to answer your questions. Call our dedicated membership line at 877-319-9880. This line is staffed from 9:00am to 8:00pm ET.


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2023 Accomplishments

1,200+ Activists

Capitol Building

Population Connection Action Fund mobilized reproductive rights champions through training workshops, digital rallies, and online petitions

10,000+ Educators

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Population Education hosted over 550 workshops for educators across 44 states and in six Canadian provinces

1,200+ Supporters

Earth Day Banner photo

Membership Relations engaged with our supporter base through 20 virtual events, including four book club discussions and nine webinars featuring our Global Partners.