Population Education

Educating the Next Generation

A central part of our mission, since our earliest days, has been to educate the next generation of leaders, voters, and parents to think critically about population trends and how they impact the natural world and human well-being. We do this through our Population Education program (PopEd), which is geared toward K-12 students, and through outreach directly to college and university professors.

Without our programs, most American students wouldn’t be exposed in a meaningful way to population concepts—we work every day to reach as many young people as possible with classroom materials that encourage them to think about their place in supporting sustainable development, conservation, and human health and rights. We strive to prompt thoughtful discussions about our roles and responsibilities as only one of millions of species that share this finite planet.

K-12 Population Education

PopEd in WI, 2019

PopEd is a national program that provides resources and professional development for K-12 educators focusing on human population trends and their impacts on natural resources, environmental quality and human well being.

Population Education for K-12 Students

Higher Education

screenshot of recorded presentation given by Hannah Evans, Communications Manager
Hannah Evans, Communications Manager, presents a webinar about population and climate change

By including population trends and dynamics in higher education, we can prepare tomorrow’s professionals to work toward cost-effective, rights-based solutions to climate change—namely, voluntary family planning and girls’ education.

Population Studies for Higher Education