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Overpopulation threatens the quality of life for people everywhere. Population Connection is the national grassroots population organization that educates young people and advocates progressive action to stabilize world population at a level that can be sustained by Earth’s resources.

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Low fertility has prompted some governments in East Asia and Europe to implement pronatalist policies to encourage citizens to have more children. These schemes have minimal effect on fertility rates and can be offensive to women by treating them as little more than creators of future taxpayers, consumers, soldiers, and caregivers.

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Mark Earth Day with Us!

We’re raising awareness of the links between rapid population growth and environmental sustainability all month. You’re invited to join us for a series of engaging virtual speaking events, as well as to participate in the #MyPopNumber challenge to spread the word!

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You are the only people doing the work that really counts. As a lifelong environmentalist, writer, and former national media director for Greenpeace, my big gripe was that no one was paying attention to the critical issue of our time: overpopulation. Neville Williams

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We need to talk about our food footprint

Our numbers, what we choose to eat, and how much food we waste, have a huge impact on our planet. Global food systems are leading drivers of our environmental crises,…

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What has happened to funding for international family planning?

Funding for international family planning programs has stalled, while the number of women in need of contraception keeps growing. Empowering women to choose whether and when to get pregnant is…

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Population Connection is a membership-based organization, funded by 40,000 progressive, far-sighted individuals. Join us!

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We keep our members and supporters engaged through various virtual events. Come to our next one and meet like-minded folks who support population stabilization!

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Advocate for ZPG

Help us spread the message that zero population growth is necessary for a sustainable future. Write to your local newspaper or simply talk to friends and family about your passion for population stabilization.

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2023 accomplishments

1,200+ Activists

Capitol Building

Population Connection Action Fund mobilized reproductive rights champions through training workshops, digital rallies, and online petitions

10,000+ Educators

Kids pointing at map

Population Education hosted over 550 workshops for educators across 44 states and in six Canadian provinces

1,200+ Supporters

Earth Day Banner photo

Membership Relations engaged with our supporter base through 20 virtual events, including four book club discussions and nine webinars featuring our Global Partners.