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Overpopulation threatens the quality of life for people everywhere. Population Connection is the national grassroots population organization that educates young people and advocates progressive action to stabilize world population at a level that can be sustained by Earth’s resources.

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June Magazine Issue

An article about high fertility in Ghana and the Marie Stopes clinics in that country that meet people where they are with family planning education and services takes center stage in this issue. We also heard from Dara Purvis, a professor at Penn State Law and the former Vice Chair of our Board of Directors, about Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court case. And Dr. Marni LaFleur, the founder and executive director of one of our international partners, Lemur Love, answered questions about the organization’s work and about population, health, and environment in Madagascar.

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Marie Stopes family planning clinic in Ghana

Summer Photo Contest

As a supporter of Population Connection, we know you’re committed to improving people’s well-being and protecting Earth and all its inhabitants. Share your passion for protecting the balance between people and our planet by sharing your photographs of the natural spaces, different cultures, and wildlife that inspire you.

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Earth Day Recap

It was another successful year commemorating Earth Day with our incredible network of supporters! Throughout the month of April, we held various activities including a film screening, panel discussion, and two virtual webinars. Be sure to check out recordings of these events if you couldn’t join us live!

Recordings Available Here

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8 Billion Reasons to Commemorate This Year's World Population Day

July 11th is World Population Day, which seeks to “focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues.” World Population Day was conceived by the United Nations and first…

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Unintended pregnancy and unmet need for family planning: What do these terms really describe?

Supporters of reproductive health and rights, including us at Population Connection, often highlight the persistently high rates of unintended pregnancy and unmet need for family planning around the world, but…

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Our only hope is to slow, and ultimately cease, the astronomical growth of the human population, to allow the earth to heal and support a smaller, stable population. I was thankful to find your organization as a conduit to contribute toward a better tomorrow, even though it is one that I will never see. Donna J. Warlick, Population Connection Member

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Help us spread the message that zero population growth is necessary for a sustainable future. Write to your local newspaper or simply talk to friends and family about your passion for population stabilization.

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Young people inspired to think critically about our world’s population challenges via Population Education lesson plans


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Legislator connections by 389 advocates during our virtual Capitol Hill Days, a joint program with Population Connection Action Fund


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Members and supporters who have engaged with our virtual events in 2021