Field & Outreach, June 2024

Written by Rebecca Harrington, Senior Director of Advocacy and Outreach | Published: June 10, 2024

Meet Our 2024 #Fight4HER Organizers!

The 2024 edition of the #Fight4HER campaign is in full swing! We have six organizers on the ground in key congressional districts, working hard to educate and activate their respective communities around reproductive health and rights. They come to us with rich and diverse backgrounds, representing varying ages, different work histories, and a wealth of experience organizing on issues and campaigns. They introduce themselves, in their own words, below.

Natacha Chavez

Phoenix, AZ

I have been a community advocate in Arizona for over 20 years. I’ve campaigned for candidates and on issues that affect Arizonans and beyond, including the child tax credit, immigration, the environment, and racial equity. Working for #Fight4HER is a natural fit given the work I have already done — my goal in life is to help bring equity and access to folks on all issues.

A highlight of my organizing work so far has been supporting the reproductive rights community in my state after the Arizona Supreme Court recently banned abortion with an archaic, pre-statehood law. It’s important that we show the connections between the reproductive rights challenges we’re facing here in the United States, as well as abroad.

Guy Dale

Columbus, OH

My passion for politics led me to this work. I’m a student at the University of Maryland Global Campus, double majoring in Business/Knowledge Management and Political Science. Being in a workspace where I can speak freely to people about policy issues and not get in trouble for it and where I’m meeting individuals who actually listen to my concerns and share my beliefs is amazing.

A campaign highlight thus far has been recruiting and developing my first volunteer. Jill is excellent at getting pledges and sharing flyers, and she’s creative in developing organizing tactics. As a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor at Ohio State University, she’s highly articulate about reproductive rights.

I’m hoping that over the next five months, with all of my canvassing, flyering, campus events, professor meet-ups, and community outreach, I will have a profound impact on the community’s support for international family planning and reproductive health and rights.

Hannah Lammers

Manchester, NH

I was Director of Outdoor Programs at a Tall Oaks Camp and Conference Center in the greater Kansas City region until Covid closed our doors in 2020. Two years later, I was two months into hiking the Pacific Crest Trail when I returned to phone service and found out that Roe v. Wade had been overturned. I was mad at the peeling back of progress. I was mad about a future in which Americans would be hurt and lied to, and would even lose their lives. I was also mad at myself for ignoring this issue, and literally running off into the woods when the fight for reproductive freedom desperately needed people with reason and compassion.

In my time on the campaign so far, I’ve connected with local and statewide nonprofits and advocacy organizations, and I’m inspired to continue to strike the balance of community engagement and education through events such as our Get the Scoop ice cream social, cosponsored by the University of New Hampshire Planned Parenthood.

Jorden Lauterbach

Tucson, AZ

I have done get out the vote and voter registration work in the last four elections. In 2020, I ran a field office for FieldWorks, where I was responsible for registering voters in Indigenous communities, and also ran a caucus in Henderson, Nevada. Prior to my work on the #Fight4HER campaign, I was a volunteer coordinator for Reproductive Freedom for All (formerly NARAL), where we worked to elect Attorney General Kris Mayes.

In 2018, my wife nearly died giving birth to our daughter, Maeve, which really crystallized for me the dangers of pregnancy. Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, the Arizona judiciary has been doing everything it can to restrict abortion in the state. Most recently, it upheld an abortion ban from 1864, which is extremely restrictive and offers only one exception: to save the life of the pregnant person. It feels particularly poignant to be organizing here because it was a Pima County Superior Court judge who reinstated the ban.

Victoria L. Marshall

Las Vegas, NV

As the owner of Stage 5 and Alive, I address community needs hands-on by providing food and clothing to unhoused people in Las Vegas. This spirit of service is what led me to the role of Field Organizer with #Fight4HER.

In my time with the #Fight4HER campaign, I have organized several successful community outreach events, raising awareness and support for reproductive rights. Under my leadership, the local #Fight4HER movement has seen a notable increase in volunteer engagement, reflecting the community’s commitment to the cause.

Advocating for #Fight4HER is about protecting our rights, our health, and our future. In the next five months, I hope to expand our reach, empower more volunteers, and make a lasting impact on the reproductive freedom landscape. Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to the health services they need.

Brent Toliver

Lehigh Valley, PA

As the son of a parent who works in reproductive health care, reproductive freedom has always been an important issue to me. I worked as a community and campus organizer in college and wanted to continue my advocacy post-graduation, to help those who are disadvantaged due to factors outside of their control.

To regularly connect with the volunteers I’ve been recruiting, I started hosting #Fight4HER Friday on Lehigh University’s campus. The weekly event gives students the chance to enjoy a scoop of ice cream after a long week of classes while learning more about our student volunteer opportunities in the Lehigh Valley. The first event was a hit! We had over a dozen attendees, and I see it becoming a #Fight4HER staple at Lehigh University. Fridays just got a little bit sweeter!