Virtual Events for Our Members

Written by Natalie Widel, Director of Digital Marketing | Published: March 15, 2021

Our Membership Relations team is rolling into 2021 with a whole slate of virtual events planned to help our members learn more about population issues, connect with one another, and stay engaged with Population Connection.

8 billion angels cover imageFor our first event of the year, we screened Terry Spahr’s new documentary film, 8 Billion Angels. Participants had several days to watch the hour-long feature “on-demand,” culminating with a panel discussion hosted by Communications Manager Hannah Evans. Filmmaker (and Population Connection member!) Terry Spahr took part, as did member, activist, and PopEd trainer (whew!) Kelley Dennings, who is the Population and Sustainability Campaigner for Center for Biological Diversity.

Nearly 750 people signed up to screen the film, and 100 joined us for the live panel event. Due to the incredible popularity of this screening and the positive reviews we received, we will plan to host a second screening of this film later in the year.

1 Billion Americans: the case for thinking bigger book cover imageWe also kicked off the “Population Connection Page Turners” book club! Marian Starkey, Population Connection magazine editor and Vice President for Communications, led a discussion on our first book of the year: Matthew Yglesias’ contentious One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger. Stay tuned for future book club opportunities.

Our Membership Relations team will be hosting a number of virtual events in April to celebrate Earth Day. Please visit our Earth Day page to join in!

We encourage you to contact us at with questions on how to join any of our events, as well as to offer your own ideas for future events. We hope to see you virtually in 2021!