Webinars and Workshops

Written by Natalie Widel, Director of Digital Marketing | Published: December 14, 2020

This past year threw unprecedented challenges into all of our activities here at Population Connection, including Membership Relations. Our usual outreach events—tabling at farmers markets, hosting film screenings, attending community festivals and marches, and sending staff speakers around the country—haven’t been possible. So, we’ve pivoted to providing educational, interactive events for our entire Population Connection community—all available virtually!

Hannah Evans of Population Connection is leading a 4 day course starting on August 6 with topic "Population & Climate Change", August 13th with topic "Climate Justice", August 20th with topic "Human Activities & Pandemics", and August 27th with topic "Solutions Through Reproductive Health"

Population and Climate Change Course

In August, Communications Manager Hannah Evans hosted a four-part course that explored how population, health, and the environment intersect—over 200 attendees joined one or more sessions! At the end of the course, nearly 50 members who attended at least three of these sessions received certificates establishing them as “Population Ambassadors”—volunteers specially recognized for going above and beyond in furthering their knowledge about population issues. If you’d like to view the recorded series, you can find it on our website: populationconnection.org/why-population/sustainable-development/.

Fall Speaker Series

We continued hosting experts in the fields of population, health, and reproductive rights by kicking off our Fall Speaker Series in September. Mark Hathaway, MD, of Jhpiego (originally known as the Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics)—and a member of our Board of Directors—gave an interactive and highly informative presentation titled “Contraceptive Mechanism of Action: In the Womb Where It Happens.” He outlined how different contraceptive methods work and the steps a health care provider takes when counseling patients on available options.

In October, we were honored to host Pape Gaye, President Emeritus of IntraHealth International. A native of Senegal, Pape gave a presentation titled “Family Planning in Francophone West Africa: Progress and Challenges.” He explained how governments, civil society, and the donor community have boosted access to and usage of modern family planning methods throughout French-speaking West Africa.


Following the November election, our sister organization, Population Connection Action Fund, sponsored a panel discussion with several members of our Advocacy staff, titled “What Happens Next: A Discussion About Reproductive Rights Advocacy After the 2020 Election.”

Finally, Carol Bliese, our Senior Director of Teacher Programs for Population Education, wrapped up this series in December with a presentation titled “Education for Earth’s Sake: How PopEd Supports Teachers and Inspires Future Generations.” Carol’s talk offered an inside look at PopEd’s teacher training workshops and demonstrated some of our favorite classroom activities. To view any of these recorded sessions, please visit our website: https://populationconnection.org/virtual-events/fall-speaker-series-2020/.



We’ll continue to host virtual events like these into 2021. Keep an eye on our website for more information: popconnect.org/learn. If you have questions, suggestions for virtual events, or would like more information on how you can deepen your involvement with Population Connection, please reach out to us at engage@popconnect.org.