Seeds for a Future

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Seeds for a Future

Seeds for a Future is a grassroots non-profit focused on training rural Guatemalan families in permaculture principles, microbusiness opportunities, and nutrition and health, to empower them to build healthier and more prosperous lives for themselves.

In 2004, a group of archeology volunteers working in the Chocolá area (Suchitepequez, Guatemala) wanted to try to help the people of the area with whom they had collaborated. In rural Guatemala, government services are minimal, and malnutrition, food insecurity, and poverty are widespread. The volunteers held a community meeting to ask residents what they needed most, and it became clear that their responses could be generalized to the fundamental underlying need to take better care of their families and create a better future for them. Seeds for a Future was officially founded in 2007 to help rural communities become self-reliant and thrive.

Seeds for a Future’s local staff provide coaching and technical assistance with:

  • Home production of plant and animal foods using permaculture principles
  • Income generation through raising and diversifying crops
  • Mother and child nutrition and health education
  • Kitchen hygiene and family-first aid

Photo: Families work together to start their nutrition garden. © Seeds for a Future

Based on the coaching and mentoring of families to provide the skills and materials they need for success, the Seeds self-reliance model also fosters the development of “home-grown” leadership, which facilitates the program’s spread throughout the community.

The program has enjoyed great success, with over 2,100 families completing it in 14 communities, and it continues to grow as new families enroll.

Photo: Mushrooms – nutritious, delicious, easy to raise and easy to sell. © Seeds for a Future

A program participant demonstrates how Seeds has helped him:

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Some families have more land and can plant enough for their own use and to share or sell.

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