Turimiquire repro health workshop, outside

Turimiquire Foundation

Sociologist Juan Carlos leading a rural reproductive health workshop at Turimiquire Foundation

The mission of Turimiquire Foundation (which means “Seat of the Gods” in Indigenous Carib) is to improve the lives of the marginalized rural populations of northeastern Venezuela by offering a range of programs focused on reproductive health and family planning, public education, rural livelihoods, poverty reduction, and environmental conservation. In response to the ongoing social, political, and economic crises in Venezuela, the foundation also provides humanitarian aid.

The Turimiquire theory of change is the Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) model, which holistically addresses challenges in developing, vulnerable, and remote communities that have a range of challenges. PHE addresses these challenges with a multi-pronged approach, improving access to health services (especially family planning and reproductive health), while helping households improve livelihoods, manage natural resources, and conserve the ecosystems critical to people’s day-to-day survival. Turimiquire’s work has shown that using the PHE development model is more effective than following a single focus effort in improving people’s lives.

"At the Turimiquire Foundation, we have seen reproductive health in our target populations tangibly improve in the two decades since our founding. We have developed and demonstrated proven strategies to deliver our services, and our small local initiative has grown to become the only recognized reproductive health non-profit serving three rural counties in our state of Sucre. We are proud of the positive impact that the Foundation has had in so many rural communities and urban barrios (neighborhoods)." Steven Bloomstein, President of Turimiquire Foundation

Meet the President

Steven Bloomstein, President of Turimiquire Foundation

Steven has lived in Venezuela since 1973. He directs the foundation and administers its family planning and rural education and development programs. He is co-founder, with Robert Albert, of the Dos Pasos farm.

Pictured: Dr. Silvia Quijada, Turimiquire Foundation surgery coordinator, holds a Population Connection envelope being used to deliver paperwork to a surgery team. Steven Bloomstein, right, says that Population Connection envelopes also come in handy for distributing condoms, especially to adolescents concerned with privacy.

Watch Steven's Presentation at Capitol Hill Days 2021
Photo of Steven, President of Turimiquire

Turimiquire Foundation is based in Cambridge, MA, and raises funds which are disbursed by Fundación ServYr: Sociedad de Educacion Rural, Vida y Reproduccion. The Fundación ServYr then oversees the actual programs on the ground in Venezuela. Turimiquire’s work has shown that women who have access to family planning and reproductive health can control their fertility and their lives. Fundación ServYr is the only non-profit of its kind in northeastern Venezuela and currently serves the rural populations in three counties in the state of Sucre. From its incorporation in 1996 to the present, it has helped to improve the lives of more than 90,000 low-income people.

Turimiquire’s direct service programs include providing family planning services (reproductive health education, contraceptives, medical procedures, logistic and administrative support) along with reproductive health workshops. Its other activities include overseeing a rural education program (including high school and college scholarships to local youth); supporting community development initiatives that can improve the local quality of life (including building and maintaining essential infrastructure); and distributing humanitarian aid to ameliorate the social and economic crises in the country.

The Turimiquire Foundation and its sister organization Fundación ServYr are a perfect fit for a partnership with Population Connection. By addressing population growth through family planning and education, women, girls, and families can control their lives, live sustainably, and coexist with nature.

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