Discover your place in a global population of 8 billion people! 

Just a century ago, the global population had not even reached two billion, a mere fraction of today’s nearly 8 billion inhabitants. Have you ever wondered where you stand amidst this exponential growth? Input your birthdate below to discover your place in history.

What’s Your #MyPopulationNumber?

It’s important that we make the connections between population dynamics and environmental sustainability. Help amplify our efforts by participating in our #MyPopulationNumber photo campaign!

Photos will be featured on our website to grow our network of advocates passionate about addressing population challenges. If your photo meets any of the following criteria, you’ll also be entered to win a special Population Connection prize! Special categories are listed below:

– Participant whose #MyPopNumber is closest to the 2 billion mark

– Participant whose #MyPopNumber is closest to the 3 billion mark

– Participant whose #MyPopNumber is closest to the 4 billion mark

– Photo featuring two supporters holding their #MyPopNumber

– Photo featuring supporter and their #MyPopNumber in a unique location

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1. Find your #MyPopNumber on the World Population History website

Find Out Your #MyPopNumber

2. Enter your birthdate to find your #MyPopulationNumber

3. Take a photo similar to those above that shows you AND your #MyPopulationNumber

4. Submit your photograph below for a chance to be featured in our upcoming magazine or social media! 

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