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Stock Gifts

Making a gift of stock may offer some unique tax benefits to you, including:

  • The entire value of the gift (including appreciated value) is tax-deductible.
  • You are under no obligation to pay capital gains taxes on any appreciation.
  • You can opt to give stock, bonds, or mutual funds.

Please be advised that this does not constitute financial advice—your broker and/or financial advisor will be able to help you determine which benefits might apply to your specific financial situation.

Note: Gifts of stock that are transferred directly into our brokerage account at Oppenheimer contain no donor information. In order for us to properly acknowledge your gift, it is very important that we receive the following information ahead of the transfer:

  • Donor name, phone number, and address
  • Type and number of shares
  • Anticipated transfer date

To contact our broker directly:

Nedim Saul
Oppenheimer and Co, Inc.

Galleria Tower Two
13455 Noel Rd., Ste 1200
Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: (972) 450-5009
Fax: (972) 450-3894

Transfer Information

Account Name: Population Connection
Account #: G581476202
DTC: 0571
Our Tax ID # (or EIN): 94-1703155

For more information, answers to questions, or to notify us of a stock transfer over the phone, please contact Victoria Wright, Senior Individual Giving Manager at 202-974-7756 or You can also fill out and mail the stock transfer notification form found here.