Thanks to Population Connection’s members and supporters—people like YOU!—we’ve had another outstanding year dedicated to safeguarding the health and well-being of people and our planet. Our Global Partners program now includes 19 smaller organizations located around the world that are working to provide sexual health and family planning services, remove barriers to educating girls, conserve wildlife, and more! Our Population Education and higher education outreach programs have demonstrated the connections between population growth and environmental challenges for K-12 students and for college and university students. Our advocacy program has raised awareness about the crucial need for universal, affordable access to family planning options. And we’ve communicated with editors, journalists, and concerned Americans about the urgency of stabilizing the global population. 

Explore program highlights below!

Education and Outreach

Population Education

Our Population Education (PopEd) program is leading the way in educating the next generation of parents, voters, activists, and policymakers to think critically about how population trends relate to global issues. This program provides resources such as lesson plans, recommended readings, and professional development training for K-12 educators.

In 2023, our Population Education team facilitated over 550 workshops across 44 states and in six Canadian provinces! The program supported over 50,000 educators with tools to help an estimated 3 million students learn about human geography, natural resources, environmental challenges, and how to promote human well-being at home and around the globe. See more program highlights from PopEd below.

Population Education

World of 8 Billion Student Video Contest

In its 13th year, our World of 8 Billion Student Video Contest continues to challenge middle and high schoolers to examine how population trends influence global issues. In a one-minute video, participants give an overview of one of the year’s chosen topics and provide a thoughtful solution for improvements. The 2022-2023 themes were climate change, gender equality, and waste. 

Last school year marked a significant milestone for the video contest, when the contest’s name changed from World of 7 Billion to World of 8 Billion to reflect the world population hitting 8 billion people in November 2022. Over 3,000 videos were submitted by students from 47 states and 45 countries!

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Teacher Workshops

Over nearly 50 years, Population Education has facilitated workshops for hundreds of thousands of educators. In 2023, we hosted over 550 teacher workshops for our network of trainers, who play an integral part in our education efforts.  

During teacher workshops, we provide interactive, cross-curricular lesson plans that promote issue-based learning in various subjects, including science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, and environmental education. Educators learn how to use these resources in their own classrooms, helping the next generation of decision-makers to think critically about population issues. 

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“This is a first-class organization run by wonderfully committed people. I hope to remain associated with your group for a long time.” Jerry Zinner, Adjunct Professor of Education, UNC, Wilmington

Leadership Institutes

At Population Education’s Leadership Institutes, members of our volunteer trainers network come together for sessions that prepare them to lead workshops and webinars for formal and non-formal educators. Trainers are a key pillar in our work, conducting standards-aligned classroom activities that encourage participants to make connections between our human population and related environmental and social issues.

This year, during the sessions in New Orleans and Seattle, we welcomed 39 new trainers to our incredible network. At our session in St. Louis, an additional 19 new educators completed training.

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Graduate Course

During the fall semester, Population Education once again offered a graduate course tailored for educators of grades 6-12 who teach Environmental Science, World Geography, Human Geography, Biology/Life Science, World History, or their AP equivalents. 

Throughout this program, participants uncover student-centric learning strategies that utilize contemporary issues and real-world data to explore the impacts of human population trends and dynamics. Topics covered include global development, human quality of life, natural resources, and environmental sustainability. By participating, teachers gain access to a wealth of classroom-ready, standards-aligned activities and resources that can be seamlessly integrated into educational settings.

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Population Studies for Higher Education

Established in 2020, our Population Studies for Higher Education Program has grown steadily, resonating with an expanding audience of college and university students and professors alike. Beyond engaging presentations, the program enriches academic resources through downloadable information briefs, comprehensive slide decks, and curated reading lists tailored for higher education. 

Population Studies for Higher Education

Guest Speaking Presentations

Our communications program delivers insightful presentations to students across the nation at the request of their professors. These talks delve into the intricate relationships between population growth, reproductive health, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

In 2023, we virtually presented to nearly 80 college classes! After tuning in for one of our presentations, students will have deepened their understanding of the connections between population dynamics and global challenges.

Presentations to college-level students are integral to our education efforts, equipping the next generation of young professionals with the necessary knowledge to thoughtfully and effectively support rights-based interventions to slow population growth.

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University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Summer Course

Building on our reputation for delivering comprehensive, solution-oriented presentations, we were invited to curate and teach a pilot summer course for students at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The course—World Population Problems—engaged students Monday–Thursday for five weeks, delving into the intricate connections between demographic trends and social and climate justice. Students especially enjoyed the carefully selected guest speakers—many of them leaders or staff at our Global Partner organizations! 

With a justice-oriented approach, the lessons explored the multifaceted relationships between bodily autonomy, climate vulnerability, sustainable development, gender equality, planetary health, and women’s empowerment. The overarching goal of the course was to teach students the root causes and far-reaching consequences of global, regional, and local population growth. 

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“I think your visit to Texas A&M had a big impact and worked in far different ways than I ever expected. What I had not figured on was how many women would see you as a role model… The students immediately identified with you. This gave everything you said far greater impact than what I was expecting. I was totally impressed. Assume that now and forever you have a permanent invite to Texas A&M.” Dr. Samuel Cohn, Professor of Sociology, Texas A&M

Media Coverage

The portrayal of population data and trends in the media is often misleading. Media outreach is an essential part of our mission, as we’re committed to providing a well-rounded perspective on crucial demographic issues and promptly addressing the misinterpretations and inaccuracies that frequently surface in news coverage. 

Our team quickly responds to these headlines with op-eds, letters to the editor (LTEs), and press releases, providing much-needed perspective on population issues in conversations about global problems.  

Media Guide

Media Appearances

Our efforts to contact media outlets on the “population connection” were successful, with letters to the editor published in several major media outlets, including The New York Times (twice!), The Boston Globe, and The Denver Post. 

In addition, we were interviewed on the Climate Optimists podcast and on the Missouri radio program Women’s Issues, Women’s Voices. 

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Quarterly Magazine

Population Connection magazine is our quarterly publication for Population Connection members. Each issue is sent to every member of Congress and to about 3,000 public and university libraries.

Our 2023 magazine issues explored human-wildlife challenges in Uganda, deforestation in the Congo Basin, low fertility and aging in advanced economies, and the determinants and limitations of population projections.

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Field and Advocacy

Population Connection Action Fund

Access to family planning services is an internationally recognized human right. Our sister organization, Population Connection Action Fund, is a strong advocate for reproductive rights and actively supports voluntary family planning initiatives both domestically and abroad. Through the Action Fund’s efforts, staff of that organization have rallied activists and played a pivotal role in promoting progressive reproductive health policies. 

Enabling individuals to plan and space their pregnancies leads to slower population growth, which can alleviate pressure on finite resources, reduce future greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the planet’s biodiversity. Moreover, empowering women with reproductive choices often correlates with increased educational and economic opportunities, fostering positive outcomes for families, communities, and countries. 

Population Connection Action Fund

Capitol Hill Days

Each year, together with Population Connection Action Fund, we host our signature advocacy event, Capitol Hill Days. In April of this year, we were thrilled to welcome passionate activists dedicated to advancing reproductive health and rights.

Our engaging sessions featured insightful discussions with health experts, interactive training workshops, and a trivia game! The sessions were an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in reproductive health and foster connections among advocates with a shared commitment.

At the end of the event, activists attended 11 meetings with their members of Congress, speaking with congressional offices about the need to pass the Global HER Act, consistently fund UNFPA, and increase our international family planning commitment to $1.74 billion a year.

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Attacks on Medication Abortion

Earlier this year, a federal judge blocked the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of mifepristone despite decades of scientific evidence attesting to the safety and effectiveness of the drug. This ruling was a significant blow to reproductive rights since mifepristone makes up one part of the most common abortion medication regimen in the U.S.

In response, Population Connection Action Fund signed on to the People’s Amicus Brief and mobilized their supporters to urge their representatives to oppose rulings restricting people’s bodily autonomy. Their efforts reached 572 activists who signed their petition calling the courts to reverse the harmful decision.



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#Fight4HER Relaunch

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the spring of 2022, abortion access in over a dozen states has been heavily restricted or even eliminated, with many more states still trying to pass bans. Some legislators are even trying to pass travel bans that prohibit pregnant people from crossing state lines to get abortions that are illegal in their own states.

At the global level, 257 million women want to prevent or delay pregnancy but have an unmet need for contraceptives. The current level of international family planning funding is billions of dollars below what’s needed to address this unmet need, with the United States alone underinvesting by more than a billion dollars a year. Meanwhile, Congress still hasn’t passed the Global HER Act to permanently end the Global Gag Rule, and the Helms Amendment that prevents U.S. foreign aid from being used for abortion turns 50 in December of this year.

That’s why our sister organization’s #Fight4HER campaign has stepped up and is working in key communities to raise the alarm and ensure that voters and public officials understand that reproductive freedom is central to building a better, safer, healthier world.

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2023 Digital Capitol Hill Days

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Celebrating the power of family planning on World Contraception Day

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Member Engagement

Virtual Events

This year, our Member Engagement initiatives have seen robust participation, with 20 virtual events connecting more than 1,000 individuals interested in learning more to be advocates for population stabilization. Our events, including guest speakers, a photo contest, Global Partner presentations, and book club meetings, have fostered a vibrant community dialogue on population trends, reproductive rights, and sustainable development.

2023 Virtual Event Archive

Page Turners Book Club

Now in its third year, the Page Turners Book Club is a forum for supporters to discuss publications that navigate population dynamics, sustainable development, and environmental issues.

This year, we hosted four lively discussions, fostering connections between over 250 individuals who share our enthusiasm for enlightening reads. It’s truly an honor to engage in meaningful conversations with our passionate supporters who share our commitment to population stabilization. 

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Earth Day

We hosted virtual events for our members to raise awareness, foster engaging dialogue, and celebrate our magnificent planet. Through our two events, we engaged with over 200 supporters! 

First, we heard from our President, John Seager, who discussed how the rapid population growth of the last half-century has devastated societies and the natural world. We also hosted an event with Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Founder and President of Conservation Through Public Health, our earliest Global Partner. Dr. Gladys is the author of Walking with Gorillas: The Journey of an African Wildlife Vet. She is also on our Board of Directors! 

Recordings Available Here

Global Partners Series

Our Global Partners program supports smaller, community-based organizations already working on the ground to provide reproductive health care and family planning services, remove barriers to girls’ education, conserve nature, and protect biodiversity. Our partners play a crucial role in their local communities, doing the hands-on, service-based work necessary to create a more equitable and sustainable world for all. 

We’ve been showcasing their incredible work all year through our Global Partners Series. Hearing from 11 of our Global Partners for virtual presentations and engaging Q&A sessions was an honor. Speakers shed light on their community-led initiatives and tried and tested programming, and they provided insight into how our partnerships have supported their efforts. 

Archive of Global Partner Presentations

Summer Photo Contest

We were thrilled to host our second annual Summer Photo Contest, and we are proud of the artistic talent our members possess! Participants from across the country contributed images showcasing the natural landscapes, diverse cultures, and wildlife that fuel their passion for working toward a sustainable future. We received over 100 entries, with winning photographs earning a featured spot in our September issue of Population Connection magazine.

Explore 2023 Submissions

Community Action

This year, we worked with 19 dedicated members to raise awareness of our mission in their communities. Some members got back to tabling at local Earth Day events for the first time since Covid. Others distributed copies of our quarterly magazine at businesses, libraries, and community centers around their neighborhoods. Our mighty group of volunteers were spread across 11 cities in eight states!  

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1,200+ Activists

Population Connection Action Fund mobilized reproductive rights champions through training workshops, digital rallies, and online petitions

10,000+ Educators

Population Education hosted over 550 workshops for educators across 44 states and in six Canadian provinces


1,200+ Supporters

Membership Relations engaged with our supporter base through 20 virtual events, including four book club discussions and nine webinars featuring our Global Partners.