Our Fall Virtual Events have concluded. Through our Population Studies for Higher Education Program, we connected with professors from the University of Calabar and the University of Michigan to learn more about their research in the fields of sustainable development, environmental sustainability, and climate justice. To wrap up the year, we hosted some of our very own senior staff leaders Population Connection to share our biggest accomplishments of 2021. Recordings of presentations, speaker bios, and presentation synopses can be found below.

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Event Line-Up

Clash of Tempos: Making Sense of Ecological Balance Today for Tomorrow

Presentation with Professor Elizabeth Esekong Andrew-Essien, Department of Environmental Resource Management, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria

portrait of Elizabeth Esekong Andrew-Essien

Ecological systems are regulated by a number of biological, physical, and chemical factors that act together to stabilize environmental processes. The stability of these processes has benefited humans for thousands of years. In recent decades, however, population growth and agricultural and urban development, along with high consumption and its attendant outcomes, have exerted unparalleled pressures on the environment to promote tilts towards ecological in-balances that favor humans to the detriment of the natural environment.

Recording & Slides Available Here

Indigenous Peoples and Climate Justice

Presentation with Dr. Kyle Whyte, Willis Pack Professor of Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan and enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation

portrait of Kyle WhyteIndigenous peoples are among the populations in the U.S. who are calling for climate equity and justice and the transition to renewable energy. Major policy initiatives adopted by the White House are seeking to mobilize research to support Indigenous energy goals. Dr. Whyte’s presentation covers Indigenous peoples’ actions to address climate justice.



Recording Available Here

Year in Review with Population Connection: Education, Advocacy, and Outreach

Presentation with Senior VP for Education Pamela Wasserman, Senior Director of Advocacy & Outreach Rebecca Harrington, and Senior VP for Media & Government Relations Brian Dixon

Learn more about our accomplishments in 2021 from Population Education and Action Fund team members! Our leadership team will discuss the progress we’ve made in integrating population dynamics into secondary school & college campus curricula, as well as our advocacy & outreach efforts in the spaces of reproductive rights and justice.



Recording & Supplementary Materials Available Here