The Singing Planet


Slow down and enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature during our virtual screening of The Singing PlanetThis inspiring new film showcases the beauty of our natural world through a unique perspective, helping refuel the flame of environmental activism and inspiring individuals to protect the wonders of Mother Earth.

We’ll wrap up the on-demand screening period with a panel discussion with members of the film team and Population Connection staff. Be sure to register for both through the button below.

Film Screening

The Earth offers an exquisitely rich wild chorus for those that take the time to listen. Enjoy an unforgettable immersion of these wild voices and the places that give rise to them during an on-demand screening of The Singing Planet.

Filmed in Alaska, some of the wild voices featured in the film include black bears, hermit thrushes, song sparrows, humpback whales, and many more! This inspiring film will make you want to head outdoors and take in the wild sounds in your own community.

Screening Period: Saturday, April 2nd – Friday, April 8th

Panel Discussion

Once the on-demand screening period is finished, we will host a panel discussion with the filmmaker Liz McKenzie, natural sounds recordist Hank Lentfer, and Population Connection VP for Communications Marian Starkey.

Be sure to tune in to ask the film crew questions and get behind-the-scenes knowledge of the work that went into capturing the beautiful voices this world has to offer.


Date: Friday, April 8th

Liz McKenzie

Award-winning filmmaker, writer, and editor

Liz’s films and articles focus on the nature, science, and traditional ecological knowledge of Alaska and other parts of the world. She is passionate about telling unique stories about the natural world and about the people who work to understand, to conserve, and to use nature’s bounty responsibly. Her projects have taken her from the Chukchi Sea in the arctic to Tasmania in the Southern Hemisphere. From the decks of fishing boats in the Gulf of Alaska to wild salmon streams and close encounters with brown bears to eastern Australia and intimate portraits of kangaroos.

Hank Lentfer

Co-narrator, natural sounds recordist, and photographer

Hank is a life-long Alaskan who lives at the edge of Glacier Bay National Park. He’s an avid outdoorsman, subsistence hunter, fisherman, writer and conservationist, who loves recording natural sounds and exploring wild country with his camera. A biologist by training, Hank currently works as a recordist and part-time land steward for The Nature Conservancy. He is the author of Faith of Cranes: Finding Hope and Family in Alaska and Raven’s Witness: The Alaska Life of Richard K. Nelson—winner of the 2020 Banff Mountain Book Award.

Marian Starkey

VP for Communications, Population Connection

Joining our team back in 2007 as a Field Fellow, Marian has worked her way to VP for Communications, serving as an instrumental player in managing key communication pieces to advance our mission. One of her main priorities is putting together and editing our quarterly magazine, Population Connection. She’s also submitted several LTEs and OP-Eds to major news outlets in the past year, even getting a handful published! Marian is originally from Maine, where she currently lives with her husband and two dogs.