Virtual Events, December 2023

Written by Natalie Widel, Director of Digital Marketing | Published: December 11, 2023

A Year of Global Partners

Population Connection is proud to partner with a growing number of small, community-based organizations working to increase access to public health and family planning services, remove barriers to girls’ education, and conserve wildlife and its habitats.

These small nonprofits offer programs and services to their local communities, contributing to our mission of stabilizing global population. Last year, we ramped up this program, investing in 19 organizations in developing countries ranging from Nepal to Venezuela. Our partnerships with them allow us to raise their profiles, share their stories, and give you on-the-ground insights into challenges related to population growth around the world.

Throughout the year, we celebrated our Global Partners through well-attended virtual events. We featured nine partners this year, culminating with a presentation from Guatemala-based Seeds for a Future.

In her presentation, Director of Operations Daillen Culver highlighted the significance of the first 1,000 days of a child’s life and how Seeds for a Future is helping families optimize nutrition and become more food secure during this critical period. Since Seeds for a Future was founded in 2007, it has served over 2,100 families!

Find a recording of this and other virtual events here.

A family works together to start their nutrition garden. (Photo courtesy of Seeds for a Future)

$250,000 Match for Global Partners

If you’d like to contribute toward our Global Partners program, your gift will be DOUBLED by a generous fellow supporter, now through December 31! This campaign will match up to $250,000 in gifts, allowing Population Connection to grant a transformative level of support to Global Partners working to provide reproductive health care, primary and secondary education, and wildlife protection. Contributions to this special campaign have a direct impact on local communities, truly representing the “final step” in our shared work to make the world a more just and sustainable place.