Virtual Events, June 2022

Written by Natalie Widel, Director of Digital Marketing | Published: June 21, 2022

If you haven’t checked out the array of virtual events Population Connection regularly hosts, you’re missing out! Over the last few months, hundreds of members and supporters have joined us for:

  • A four-part Demography Series hosted by Senior Analyst Hannah Evans. This education series explored how human population trends and dynamics affect global sustainable development and environmental change.
  • A screening of the documentary film The Singing Planet to celebrate Earth Day. This inspiring film celebrates the beauty of our natural world and calls on all of us to work to preserve it. Filmmaker Liz McKenzie and natural sounds recordist Hank Lentfer joined us for a special panel following our screening period to discuss their work on the film and how they’ve learned to listen more carefully to the world around us.
  • A special presentation by one of our international partners, Lemur Love. Founder Dr. Marni LaFleur and on-the-ground Director Dr. Seheno Cordaunt-Andriantsaralaza shared insights about the valuable conservation work this small, Madagascar-based nonprofit does to preserve lemur habitats and strengthen the health of the human communities surrounding them. (Read our interview with Dr. LaFleur in this issue!)
  • Two meetings of the Page Turners book club! In March, members gathered to discuss Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World by Katharine Hayhoe, and in June, they read 8 Billion and Counting: How Sex, Death, and Migration Shape Our World by Jennifer D. Sciubba. Join our next meeting in August for an interesting and lively discussion with other Population Connection members! You can find more information at
Hannah Evans
Liz McKenzie
Hank Lentfer
Dr. Marni LaFleur
Dr. Seheno Cordaunt-Andriantsaralaza

Announcing: Our First Annual Member Photo Contest!

Do you love to take photos on your travels or in your own community? If so, we’d love to see them! Submit your photos of the people, places, and wildlife you’re most passionate about protecting, and see your winning photo in the September issue of Population Connection magazine! See submission guidelines and instructions at Accepting entries now through August 5.

It’s never too late to see what’s happening next! Find recordings of past events (including most of those mentioned on these pages) and register to join us in the coming months at We’d love to have you!