June 2022

An article about high fertility in Ghana and the Marie Stopes clinics in that country that meet people where they are with family planning education and services takes center stage in this issue. We also heard from Dara Purvis, a professor at Penn State Law and the former Vice Chair of our Board of Directors, about Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court case. And Dr. Marni LaFleur, the founder and executive director of one of our international partners, Lemur Love, answered questions about the organization’s work and about population, health, and environment in Madagascar.

I don’t want another baby. Things are very difficult. I have five children to look after. I can’t have another one. Ashitotu, 34, at her appointment to have an IUD placed at a Marie Stopes clinic in Ghana
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Family planning clinics are effective and popular, but distances in Ghana are huge, and only a minority of women can reach them. To overcome geography, Marie Stopes also operates outreach teams—comprised of a health nurse, midwife, and driver—who travel along pothole-ridden dirt roads to remote regions. (Simon Townsley/ Telegraph Media Group Limited)

Marie Stopes family planning clinic in Ghana
infographic on unmet need and unintended pregnancy