According to the UN projections, global population reached 8 billion on November 15, 2022.

The rapid population growth we’ve seen over the past half-century—which is projected to continue over the coming decades—threatens the health of Earth’s fragile ecosystems and the hundreds of thousands of species who share this planet. With climate threats, political instability, and widespread global inequality on the line, we must work to slow population growth by increasing access to vital resources like voluntary family planning services and education.

Read our statement on the global population reaching 8 billion. 

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The UN released its revised World Population Prospects over the summer, which identified November 15, 2022, as the date that the global population will cross 8 billion. Since then, our Communications staff have been hard at work reporting on the latest projections, answering inquiries about what this demographic milestone means for people and our planet, and sharing the news far and wide through our digital channels.

Updates from our Team:

Discussion with our Communications Team

During an interactive session, our Communications Team discussed key takeaways from the UN’s latest report. In addition, they shared resources to help individuals discuss the milestone with others, along with their latest blog posts and tips on writing opinion editorial articles.

Watch the Presentation Here!

Webinar with Population Education

We were joined by Population Education staff to learn about their latest lesson plans and the new World of 8 Billion student video contest website! Through these resources, PopEd is teaching the next generation to think critically about population dynamics and demographic trends.

Watch the Presentation Here!

In the News...

Published Op-Eds

Read our VP for Communications Marian Starkey’s column in Ms. Magazine explaining the history and projected future of world population growth.

Read our VP for Marketing’s op-ed featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune calling attention to the importance of increasing domestic and international investment in voluntary family planning as we reach the 8 billion mark.

Read our VP for Communications Marian Starkey’s op-ed featured in The Hill in response to the UN’s new population estimates and projections released on World Population Day in July.

Media Guide: Writing Op-Eds and LTEs

On the Screen...

Virtual Events: Reaching 8 Billion Mini-Series

Leading up to the 8 billion milestone, we hosted a number of events where we discussed how our growing population hampers progress toward environmental preservation, climate change efforts, and poverty alleviation.

We heard from community organizers in Uganda, youth activists in Nepal, and Population Connection staff based across the country to learn how the 8 billion milestone impacts the urgency of our work.

Recordings of All Presentations Available Here

In Print...

Population Connection Quarterly Magazine

Mary Beth Weinberger, Population Connection board member and retired UN Population Division demographer, explains key findings from the new World Population Prospects 2022

Hannah Evans, Senior Analyst, discusses India’s projected position as world’s most populous country as of 2023 and explores work of Population Foundation India (PFI), a progressive NGO in New Delhi working to expand health and education to people across India.

Melvine Ouyo, Population Connection board member and Founder and Executive Director of Hope for Kenya Slum Adolescents Initiative, writes about how the reversal of Roe v. Wade will have global consequences.

Read September Issue

On the Air...

Podcast with Climate Optimists

In August 2022, Senior Analyst Hannah Evans spoke on the Climate Optimists Podcast about the links between population growth and climate change. During her interview, Eight Billion of Us?! she discussed why there is resistance to population concern and how we can work towards slowing population growth by improving access to voluntary, rights-based family planning services.

Listen to the Podcast Here

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