It was another successful year commemorating Earth Day with our incredible network of supporters! Throughout the month of April, we held various activities including a film screening, panel discussion, and two virtual webinars. Be sure to check out recordings of these events if you couldn’t join us live!

View Of Mumbai Skyline Over Slums In Bandra Suburb

Demography Series Session

Population and the Environment 

Presentation with Senior Analyst, Hannah Evans

Using the foundations of demography introduced in the first session of the series, we’ll explore how human development intersects with the environment. This session will investigate the connections between industrialization, living standards, consumption patterns, and the availability of natural resources at regional and societal scales.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the relationship between population growth, poverty, fertility rates, and environmental sustainability within the broader contexts of climate change and global inequality.

Reviewing the first session of the series if you weren’t able to attend will be helpful ahead of this talk, but it isn’t necessary—we encourage anyone interested in this topic to join us!

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Recording of Presentation Available Here!

International Partnership Spotlight

Lemurs, Women, and Science

How Lemur Love is Protecting Biodiversity, Supporting Development, and Increasing Capacity in Madagascar’s Next Generation of Conservationists 

Lemur Love is a small non-profit organization that conducts research, biodiversity conservation, and small-scale development in Madagascar. The organization’s conservation agenda is simultaneously animal-centric and human-focused and works from the premise that human well-being is irrefutably intertwined with sustainable biodiversity. Its conservation efforts work in tandem with the Malagasy people and local grassroots organizations.

Join us for a discussion with Founder Dr. Marni LeFleur and on-the-ground Director Dr. Seheno who work diligently to improve the livelihoods of people, flora, and fauna around Tsimanampesotse National Park.

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Recording of Presentation Available Here!

Film Screening and Discussion

The Singing Planet 

The Earth offers an exquisitely rich wild chorus for those that take the time to listen. Enjoy an unforgettable immersion of these wild voices and the places that give rise to them during an on-demand screening of The Singing Planet.

Filmed in Alaska, some of the wild voices featured in the film include black bears, hermit thrushes, song sparrows, humpback whales, and many more!

*The screening period has concluded*

Panel Discussion

Once the on-demand screening period is finished, we will host a panel discussion with the filmmaker Liz McKenzie, natural sounds recordist Hank Lefter, and Population Connection VP for Communications Marian Starkey.

Be sure to tune in to ask the film crew questions and get behind-the-scenes knowledge of the work that went into capturing the beautiful voices this world has to offer.

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Watch the Panel Discussion Here!

More Ways to Get Involved

Make Your Voice Heard

When you join with other constituents in contacting your members of Congress, you become part of a powerful movement advocating for increased funding for international family planning. Signing petitions and making phone calls directly to your elected representatives are two ways you can join our nationwide grassroots network of activists.

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